February 28, 2011

Weekend Warriors

This weekend, was a whirlwind and we all were busy doing something productive... including celebrating a certain Boy's eleventh year! There was burning of our woodland debris, gardening a plenty, cake making... cake eating... warnings that he should eat more cake (being in the house with three women, chocolate can sometimes be in high demand!) A couple of nights on the town to celebrate... it's been a blur...

Kind of like the last 11 years... and I just don't understand why he won't listen to me when I say stop growing up!

February 18, 2011

My Morning Boy

The Boy and I share the fondness for early mornings... we can often be the minority in our four person household (odd how that works out...) None-the-less, the two of us, like this morning, will drop what we're doing and get side tracked with something outside or talking about something dreamy we remembered from our sleeping hours and end up... late. Which is why I'm posting the picture of him running to the bus, not one of the two doe that were in the field... I couldn't find the camera fast enough, we were awestruck and giggly.

I like to think the two of us as having some cosmic water baby astrological connection. We pretty much keep our schedules together and (mostly...) each morning he scoots onto that school bus and I wave goodbye, coffee in hand. Moving to our CharmedFarm, has allowed me to be here each morning and most afternoons this school year and it has been, in a word... Rewarding.

It has also been something we have never been able to do for either of the beans, and the Girl and I are both seeing the benefits of having a parent at home.... even though, our beans are no longer pea-pods. I read many articles on the benefits of having strong parental bonding in the early years... and I do firmly believe that if given the opportunity (you know that tried and true hind-sites 20/20 statement...) we would have done what ever we could, to have stayed home with them more when they were younger... too. I used to comment to myself and Girl that this friend, or that, was always gone and their teenage XY was always on the computer/phone/watching TV/playing video games/blahblahblah... and how we needed to try to keep the kids active and involved in things outside the electronic world (I still feel this way, unmonitored internet/gaming/phone activity is such a pet peeve.) I'm not shy when it comes to this topic... if I am having a conversation (or trying to) with a young person and their phone chimes or sings and they grab for it and start texting away while continuing to gab (this goes for some unfortunate adults too) it is a complete lack of manners and consideration. And before I get off on some completely OTHER topic :) I will stop here and refocus... while the Teen may not be happiest since she has been relocated some 2581 miles from her bestest of best friends and has had some tragic teenage moments since we've arrived, she too, said she liked having someone (me) home... being available.

And the Boy... well, he's still in the mode where he loves his moms and can't get enough of us; which we know will be changing far too soon. There are times now where he disappears for a few hours at a time, and still others where we wonder if he will live with us until he's 35... but for today, I am heading to see him at school, getting the Principals Award for the 5th grade... making us proud.

February 12, 2011

Feed Meeeee

Charley & Joe

When we take Saturdays to work in our charmed forest, Charley and Joe reap the rewards with fresh foliage... today we brought out another large batch and the Boy worked to clear debris from our creek which is fuller since the rains and began to flow a bit once he pushed somethings from here to there.

We had only been in the house for a quick lunch break (20 minutes max!) Girl was keeping the laundry train moving and we are guessing that is when the mysterious Farmer neighbor arrived and plowed over the field!! I am so bloomin' excited I can barely stand it! If I weren't heading for a much needed feet in the water visit tomorrow, I would be knee deep in establishing beds! OH It's soooooo big! :)

ps... got tutu materials today too! wahhooo

February 8, 2011

The quiche and kids...

Today was mildly unproductive, as I awoke feeling as if I hadn't slept at all. So after being grumpy in my own head while I quietly made breakfasts, lunches and scurried first the Girl, then the Teen... and finally an hour and a half later, the Boy out the door this morning, goats fed, cats roaming the yard, dogs doody done... I went back to sleep... and I had pals... 2 dogs, an old lady cat and 10 minutes... out I went.

I finished the afternoon with a couple glasses of wine, some super yummy parmesan bread (which was totally not needed for dinner, but I can never stop eating it...) and that spinach quiche in the picture above... which was definately not an instant hit with the Boy. He revealed that spinach is not a favorite... I am going to have to figure out what happened to my vegetabletarian... he also tried to convince me that he doesn't like brocolli either. This growing up thing has got to stop ... it's quite annoying. Between these new food dislikes and his teenage sister's insistance at being a teenage sister... I'm not entirely sure I haven't turned down the road to complete insanity and just missed the sign.... (I keep looking around, but it LOOKS like home....)

Since I mentioned the Teen, I should note, that she has entered the world of the broken hearted. But I only know this because we force her to leave her room rather than stay holed up like a bear in hibernation. I find myself wondering if there isn't some motivational training course for mothers of teenage daughters that I should be enrolling myself in for back to back trainings... and the motivation part... it needs to be huge... like gianormously magnificient... I could NOT have been this much trouble as a teen... there is NO way!? right? No... I wasn't.... I just ... no. ... sigh. Well, I made it PAST teenage years, so that part is good right? I just hope her years are a bit less ..? ... teenage ?? flapjacks on Tuesdays I don't know.... (but I was NOT this dramatic! that I know!)

OK, well it will all start again tomorrow I'm certain of it... and I do look forward to the sunrises these days, not only beautiful, but I get to drink my coffee and watch her rise nearly everyday and that is such an amazing and new thing and I have NOT grown tired of that... And I have a couple of things that I'm planning for tomorrow and it's all about the blues.

And I still need a sewing machine, so I think I might have to go to the dreaded store who shall not be named 'cause now I wanna make a tutu too! (Although I found a really kewl no sew tutu too!) But there's a skirt and the curtains still and, and ...... well... I think 'cause I "Can't" use it... I have all sorts of idears ya know...?
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February 7, 2011


Sunday I left the house two hours earlier than needed which lead to time on my hands and no coffee in my cup... which meant a trip into Carrboro for a refresh and a walk. I am more and more in love with this state with each scoot away from my little farm. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nations first university... is an amazing campus, so beautiful... so full of history and beautiful architecture and little squirrels running about enjoying the sunshine. I sat with my coffee and watched as people entered and exited churches (there are a bundle of them surrounding the school), the smells and sounds of the local eateries firing up for brunches and the clean fresh rain smell from the days before... it was a good place to settle my nerves and relax before the collage class a few miles away...

The SoulCollage Playshop that Stephanie Anderson Ladd conducted was completely wonderful... and I think it could become fairly addictive... Here are two of the cards I made in class on Sunday, and I have already started more... there is a story that goes with... my story and I will share that in time too I think, but today I'm sharing these... this process is so liberating and revealing and well, I need more rubber cement to continue! :) It was a good feeling to be around the artsy folk and look forward to the next encounter.

February 5, 2011


I joined the group over at Creative Every Day (see my cute little button over there on the right!) with the intent that every little jump-start to my day will help me find my way back to the paints and pictures... Technically, I think I should have worked on something yesterday, but I completely geeked out with the Girl on the computer all day gaming... it had been a long while and it was an enjoyable escape into the world of MMORPG... then we followed the evening up with some great bbq pork san'ichs that I made from roast we had earlier in the week, but ended up just a smidge too big for total consumption, and not really enough for full on 2nd meal. The sanich's were by all counts a hit, and I think perhaps I've discovered another tasty quick meal!

OK, back to the C.E.D. thingy and reason for my picture! :) Passion is the theme for February, although the rules are fairly loose for this challenge, I am excited about this word, as I am passionate about so very many things (no, this is NOT the same as opinionated! haha!!) Here on "the farm" I do have to remember not everyone shares my same joy of dirty finger nails and making things grow... What we do share is a strong desire to find our way as a family and carve our own paths as individuals. As we work together toward those individual paths, with love and patience (which sometimes is as hard to come by as time alone...) we are discovering that whatever the direction we go... we should always go with passion ...

February 3, 2011

I have Goodies ...

A much anticipated medicine bundle from here.... suhhhweeeet!!

and I made these... yum

I've got a workshop this weekend, a soul collage play shop in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC ... Nerves and Insecurities are beginning to poke their familiar noses into my business, and I keep showing them the door... I'm wondering if I'm being too polite, as a few times this afternoon Insecurities ran through here like a streaker during halftime :/

I've collected a few needed (if wanted to bring) supplies for the day, I've got myself a grand plan for big coffee, good music and the directions have been loaded into the GPS for a nice drive... it will be a great day and I am excited to see new faces and make new friends. I will likely see Nerves and the streaker a few more times before Sunday... they're a rotten duo, and they are unwelcome on this adventure.

I'm enjoying one of those macaroons right now, the chocolate was a request by the Teen and Girl, the Boy and I are traditional sorts ... I forget how easy these are ... and how irresistibly tasty... my jeans are now wishing I'd forget again!

Forward movements

The promised tilling of the garden area has still yet to happen, and of course, we are anxious... even though there are a bazillion other things that are keeping us overly busy. I cleared the pantry closet this week and it is actually a pantry closet now! :) The just haven't made it to the barn suitcases, computer boxes and various other items that created the "junk closet" now have official homes and the pantry has been reclaimed! This also opened up counter space in the kitchen where I was full speed ahead set up to use as a temporary sewing nook! It's a perfect size, and located far from dishwater and oven... The Girl set it up all pretty for me and everything...

And then, in the great sewing debacle of 2011, the machine took a big ole poo. Or maybe it was my melt down after being unable to stitch more than an inch between the bobbin jamming and knotting, or the thread snapping... the needle breaking was a bit over the top I thought, but I continued to unjam bobbin... even re-threading wondering if I had screwed that up somehow... it's been a while since I've sewn, so it is possible... new thread on the top, this one must be old? right.... snapping every few stitches... the tension is set correctly, I even googled it to be sure... tension is (and was) set fine. An hour later, my glasses thrown to the floor, the machine moved to the center island in the kitchen because maybe the lighting isn't good enough?!! Poooooof

The fabric is here, the panels washed, pressed and one partially sewn, and my motivation floundering... on to the next project until a new machine can be found. Curtainy fabric looks nice in this basket on the counter top :)

The little house which is to be my space for reckless abandon and creativity is in a state of repaint / claim it / clean it ... and this has brought me significant pleasure... being able to scoot away and work in here this week has been a gift and I am excited about the possibilities that will grow up and out of here...

We also began a bit of the yard gardening, which will be more of a design as we go and have the items I use in my daily doings. The 1st of February was Imbolc and when the Girl and I were driving up our road to home, I caught sight of four to six wild pigs rounding the edge of a clearing into a wooded area between pastures... it was so cool! Why I don't keep the camera with me all the time here still drives me bananas... (then I have to rationalize... would I really have been holding it looking out the window as we rounded this familiar bend on the way home...???) Once the Teen and the Boy were home from school, we planted strawberries and worked in the yard for a bit. The goats were playing and we were laughing... celebrations are sweet.

Yesterday was a drawn out day in town, where we did not go grocery shopping and why I'm still procrastinating about that is uncertain (except... I really don't like that store...) This morning has been blissfully quiet and relaxing as the music plays, the dogs go to and fro and the coffee keeps coming...