December 16, 2011

Release it ALL !

Daddy's Sunset 8-26-11

The Solstice season is upon us and this time of year brings so much joy and peace and sometimes culminates a bundle of much, much more. I invite you to join me, and so many other wonderful hearts across the globe as we set fire to our souls, reaching deep within and releasing all those pieces that nag, tear and bite... so you can enter the new year with a fresh sense of promise and direction.... A direction for you, from you, within you, all supported by the wild clan of wonderful, talented, creative, beautiful, (oh I could carry on and on...), awesome! women of the SouLodge

I am inviting you to the Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies, on December 22, hosted by Pixie Campbell, with global attendees! Think of the networking vibes! YOWEE! The amazing brilliance and releasing that will happen this night will be unmatched.... because it is *you* who will be amazing... oh, and me ((wink)) and her, and her, and him... and well... those folks over there too.... if you're feelin' it... that tiny pull... that little nudge.... why not set it free, burn up those fears?

I'm tellin' ya... we all need a bit of support day in and day out... this is the night to start it off right :)

Hope to feel ya there **!!**

December 15, 2011

Un... done

So much
So fast

Crumpled metal
Broken trees
Walked away
Fairly freed
A few quick calls
Sign here and there
Checks in the mail
It's all done
It's all squared

So much
So fast

December 2, 2011

Neal Thompson - Big Dog

"What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All the things are connected."
 ~ Chief Seattle

There are many tales I will someday write about this overgrown tail-wagger... a friend this ornery and loyal provides several introductory lines, today I will strive for a selfish directness to save my swollen eyes, over-stuffed nose and the tissue boxes that have long been emptied.

Neal Thompson... who loved his family without fail. 

An aficionado of the well booted ankle, but would happily sample all uniformed individuals if he thought he could sneak a nip.... 

Father figure and playmate to more kittens, puppies, rats, frogs, turtles and small children than he could have ever dreamed of... or licked clean.  (But he sure tried)

Chaser of intruding figures, real and imaginary (intruder or not).... whether we wanted him to or not :/

Chaser of whomever was playing ball... chaser of everyone BUT the ball.... 

Swimmer, Lover, Whiner, Beggar, m&m Appreciator, Thief, Side-swiper, Drooler, Moaner-Groaner-Grass Roller, Sneak, Best Friend

Yesterday, our family was once more changed by the loss of a friend. After 12 years of joy and heartache... we released Neal and a beautiful feathered friend to the open valleys to run with friends he hasn't seen in a while, to meet new who are waiting to welcome him. 

You are already missed more than we will ever be able to put to words.