January 28, 2011

Briar Patches


OK, so as far as keeping up I'm not doing all that great, so it's a darn good thing there's no grade for this. These past ten days or so have been in a word... eventful. The Teen, continues to surprise and send new parenting hurtles our direction and while I am extremely proud to have such a smart daughter, there are those times that I wonder about my ability to guide her into adulthood safely... and without too many tortured growing sprains... lately, she is testing the entire family on our abilities to function cohesively... at times, with no one wishing to engage her in conversation as her teenage hormones may have flipped from slightly smiley to insta itchy irritable which spits and scratches. This move, the flurry of hormones of being 15, the need to develop new friendships and still determining her individual self must be overwhelming... it is for me lately...

Do you know what helps work out teenage angst? Especially for this mama? :) A little bit of earth work... bagging up leaves, bring the piles of foilage debris up for the burn piles... we will be having one nice bonfire this weekend! And after a few solid hours of forest clearing, we are all feeling a little better. There is a lot to be said for mother nature and her briar patches of life.

Add this to the wonderful news that a farmer neighbor has offered to come over early next week and disc the field so we can start preparing for the spring planting! So much to do, so little time! It's felt great! We'll be moving that old ratty camper shell and the tires that were tossed out there, what looks like a water heater and some other miscellaneous... umm trash :/ I'm so excited! I've been drawing up the calendar and rough map for where things will be planted, I'll start strapping together trellis' from some of the timber from our forest, there are many of the spring veggies that need to be on either a pole trellis or a vine.

Well, I should stop rambling on for now... as I admitted to someone earlier, I think tend to babble a bit...

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