January 19, 2011

Diggin' in...

Canon EOS Rebel XTi 01/19/2011 ebt
With encouragement, entertainment and proper catcat distraction provided by the mischievious Elphaba Jane, today the paints actually made it out... and to page...

Chili was prepped, into the crockpot by 11am, delicious by dinner, served with cornbread made in the cast iron pan, better the second try, recipe tweaked a bit... maybe I should learn to use measuring cups... maybe not ! I really like the toss it in and try it bit, plus, I've gotten a real good grasp of what a tsp/tbl and dash feel like in the palm of my hand... cooking this way can be very daring! (Just don't be surprised to sit down to something a bit spicier than you anticipated... or like tonight, I thought I needed a bit more salt, the consensus was no, but... I'd bet the left overs will be gone by weeks end.

So much accomplished today, felt great getting it done, feels better to be drawing the map as I go.....
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