January 12, 2011

timing, doing... wanting

Lately, nothing has been... "on time", most especially this week, with the Teen and Boy being out of school an unexpected three days with the "Great Ice Storm of 2011." Which, oddly enough to this girl, seemed like a poor excuse for no school, but what do I know of frozen pipes and frigid classrooms in North Carolina, I am... out of my norm, off schedule.

This coupled with my ever present left shoulder voice saying "Would you have REALLY done anything anyway???."

I want to.

I made the decision, to actively begin this journey and reach out again. It is taking a bigger effort than I want to admit. I am sitting here struggling with each sentence if I am to be honest, having written and re-written the previous paragraphs multiple times, only to scrap them down to ...

I want to. Simply. I want to.

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