January 10, 2011


So, I had a "plan" for today... and then the phone rang.

No more plan. Amazing how the day goes from one zip bang bam plan, into something completely different. Thank you Mother Nature for today's hurtle. I was tossed off track for a bit, but I did make a commitment today.... and I'm excited, truly, like a little kid with bits of candy littered about I sit here with magazines scattered cutting out bits and pieces; just soaking up some of the inspiration that I've misplaced since my arrival at our new home.

I'm going to attend a Soul Collage PlayShop that is being led by a Goddess who's blog I've been haunting for almost 2 years now. Another dear friend and major source of encouragement fed me her name and I've been well read ever since. Now I'm finding it's time to feed, not just read.

Since moving to NC, I've not put paint to canvas, pencil to pad or water to color... (with the minor exception of a few Christmas cards, which were, you can admit it, I'm a big girl... lacking)

My reserve is empty.... which, for me is boggling when I look around myself and I am surrounded by the most amazing sunrises nearly everyday... the trees are tall and have every possible color of green, highlighted this fall by the golden amber and brilliant orange leafs as they changed. We even discovered a creek in our bit of the forest! The possibilities here are endless... and even so, I'm struck with this deep sense that I'm lost.

My divination card this month, this wolf's moon is the Six of Cups and in the spirit of that, I have crayons and color books and a bit of childhood indulgence occurring... good thing tomorrow's a snow day too! :)

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